Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Experience Perfection

What is the feeling of perfection? Is it a noun or a verb? Perfecting something is to practice it over and over.

There was a story I saw about a man who made the most sublime noodles in China. He bent and strained his body in the perfecting of the noodles. He was de-formed by the process. Or reformed or informed but certainly not escaping being shaped by the thing he chose to do most.

What do you choose to do most? What is forming you? What are you bending to and allowing into your attention? Does it buoy you in times of stress? Does it bring out more peace, joy, love?

If we look at perfection as a thing we can never attain then why would anyone bother? Our perfection is already here. It's in the way our bodies knit together from just two other cells. It's in the way our innate intelligence knows that this part will be an eyelash cell and this part will be a little toe cell. This is the perfection with which we are made. We don't have to learn how to do it because the part of us that is connected to all of creation is our subconscious and it is running all the time. We can communicate with it through feelings and visualization or daydreams.

When you spend just five minutes thinking about a place you'd like to be or a place that you felt comfortable, loved and fulfilled, you are creating that experience cellularly as well.

Try this: close your eyes and think of a time when you experienced the most love and acceptance you can remember ever having. Give yourself some time to expand on this thought. It can be a real time or imaginary. Take inventory of your five senses in this time. What does it smell like there? What is the temperature? Are you inside or outside? Are there others with you? What sounds and colors are around you? Take your time and really experience in your thoughts and feelings of this time of love and acceptance.

Now let yourself come back to this reading. You may feel more peaceful, relaxed and warm. You are getting in touch with the perfect part of you that helps to create what you are thinking.

We are in the process of perfecting ourselves and enjoying that can be perfection!

Jam for Belize!

You're invited to jam, groove and enjoy good food!
All to raise funds for the Belize Friends School Healing Mission, to heal teens and staff at the school in Belize City.

We hope you'll attend and give to this worthy cause.
Dr. Tanya & "Uncle"Ed English

Sunday Oct. 3rd 4-7pm
The Hoover House
Downey & Main in West Branch, IA