Monday, July 20, 2009

Time to get in gear already!

So it's taken me over a year to get going on this. You know how you decide you want to do something and the Inertia takes over? It happens to me too. So here goes...

Several limits for what I write here:
It must be True - insofar as it will not hurt others
It must have a Brevity - so that I cannot rant for hours
Personal - that it is my truth and others can have their own

My day is beginning by a long meditation to clear my meeting house. The time I spent thinking about this building, filling it with pure water and light and clearing it of all unwanted energy, lifelessness, negative feelings and upset has made a difference in my day and I trust in the day of this wonderful meeting house.

The energy one expends in daily thought helps to create the day and my goal is to create a day of healing for myself and others everyday. Some days it's not so easy. Resistance is real and it can be really hard to make that final leap to "doing". Do you sometimes feel like your feet are stuck in the slimy mud of indecision or low self esteem? Like the harder you try to pull your foot out the lower the other one sinks so that even trying becomes futile?

Even the word "trying" sounds strident and stuck. But "being" and "allowing" become the most relaxing words that we can use to create our experience.

I believe that life is supposed to be effortless and easy. That will push some buttons, I'm sure. I used to have a boyfriend that thought that life was about suffering. It was hard for him to have life and relationships be easy because his belief created his suffering as well. But that's what he learned from his parents. His unconscious reaction to things was what he had learned from 0-6 years old. What he mimicked from his parents.

No one is at fault it's just the way it is. As I have learned to overcome my unconscious thought (this is a daily lesson) life becomes much easier. The task to stay conscious becomes less a task and more of a joy! Imagine it as a joy to remain conscious!

I often tell practice members that it's like playing the piano. At first you have trouble telling your fingers which keys to hit when and it sounds very unlike the way the composer intended but as you practice a little bit, I practiced 20 minutes at a time as a child, it became easier. By the end of my piano phase I could play a Scott Joplin rag, in time and pretty fast! Easy! Fun!

So I'm practicing a little every day healing, clearing and being conscious. You can too.