Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm getting pretty excited because I'm leaving today for Belize!
The Barbers are reporting 25 students and 4 are girls! This is
pretty big news. They haven't had that many students enrolled at the
school before. It's going to be a wonderful adventure.
When I get back I'll be doing a program at our church, West Branch Friends, so I'll keep you posted in case you want to attend.

If you wanted to contribute to this mission and the school you still can! Just go to my Outreach page and click on DONATE!
All of your prayers and good wishes are much appreciated.

Oh, and Hurricane Richard, you don't scare me!

Withold Judgement on Yourself, You're not done yet.

Libi, Betsy, Ed 1992
Libi, Betsy & Ed 1992
Lately I've posted a couple of photos of my bonus daughters. They are two of the smartest, funniest, most beautiful women I know! They 've overcome so much in their young lives and have given me so much! I have been able to witness their blossoming from being afraid to be themselves because of the consequences that might have, into the sensitive, nurturing, ambitious, passionate, gorgeous flowers they are now.
The photos are from pre-teen years when we all feel awkward and geeky. They remind me that everyone, no matter how they feel about themselves, is a powerful transmitter for change and that we can choose what and who we will become.
Thanks bonus daughters for the privilege of participating in your lives.
I love you!