Monday, September 14, 2009

How is Life like Pie?

Life is like pie. You can have whatever you want in it. What do you want?

On October 24th we'll have a party that kicks off at 2:00 pm with the
"Awakening the Healer Within" class
This class has been getting rave reviews for 4 years. People start healing right then and there! I hope you will bring your friends and loved ones who are in need of healing. It's easy and fun!

Then at 4:00 pie! Bring a pie to share.
Savory or sweet, fruit or meat, oh me, oh my, I LOVE PIE!

If life is like a pie and you had a kitchen stocked with everything you could possibly want, what would you put in your PIE (life)? Put your attention on what you really want and share with us what your PIE would contain. It could be a poem, song, list or story board.

We are given what we want but only to the extent that we are clear about it.
So what do you clearly want in your PIE?