Thursday, November 3, 2011

How Chronic Pain Changes Behavior

From a blog post by Dr. Julie Chen, Integrative Medical Doctor

"Based on a study published in Plos One on Oct. 12, 2011 by researchers in Rome, Italy, it seems that people suffering from pain exhibited a greater self-centered perspective aimed at maximizing self-gain. What's interesting about this study is that it suggests that physiological states may play a significant role in higher order interpersonal behavior and social interactions.

Within this study, their results showed that the "feeling of pain makes an individual less inclined to behave according to social norms that regulate most social and economic interactions."

This study is consistent with the findings of a previous study from the Iowa Gambling Task looking at chronic back pain patients, and there was an association of greater intensity of pain being associated with higher rate of egocentric bias and reduction of the capacity to react emphatically toward others.

However interesting these findings are, it is not to suggest that all pain-sufferers tend to be egocentric or self-centered. The important point that this study and the Iowa Gambling Task study showed is that there is an association between physiological bodily states and our social and economic higher order behavioral states."

Do you see that from this that chronic pain changes one's behavior? And that removing interference to the central nervous system that controls the subconscious which controls the body's functions leads to healing?

Each time you receive a B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) adjustment we are clearing your central nervous system of interference that creates chronic pain. And then you receive instruction on how to take care of yourself in between visits. Restoring you to the perfection with which you were made is possible with your commitment and the technology we possess body/mind/spirit.

You are in charge of your healing, not someone else. If you are ready to change what is not working you can heal. But you must be ready to do something new. Opening for healing can be scary but the alternative is staying stuck in the stuff you have now. There is some lag time between your decision to heal and change and the change actually showing up physically. Sometimes it's a breath away, sometimes it takes a concerted effort by individuals you allow into your life to help keep you on the healing track. Either way it's worth the effort to live without pain and enjoying life.