Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Miracle

It used to take Sophia two or more hours to fall asleep and then she rarely slept more than two to three hours consecutively. When she answered the question how long has it been since you felt really well, she wrote, "This question makes me cry...". Sophia wrote in the margins of the intake form: "What does relief feel like??!"

She tried to use drugs or "spirit killers", as she called them, prescription and over the counter to no avail for years. Sophia had extreme constant tension in her upper back and right shoulder and chronic low back pain.

But Sophia had one other challenge that she told me about that was really curious. She had no sight in her left eye and there was no physiological reason for it. None. Her eye had no reason not to see. When she was three years old her parents noticed that her left eye was "lazy". In an effort to correct this they had patched her good eye for one year which did nothing to help.Sophia slowly lost her left eye vision over the next year. She had no depth perception and could not see anything in 3D or Magic Eye posters. You need to have two eyes for those experiences.

For years her neck worked to guard her left side and was like armor that was impenetrable. Massage did little to help her and she had constant neck pain and spasms.

As we started working it was clear to me that her problems all stemmed from subconscious emotional memory override. The fact that there were no lesions or physical traumas causing the blindness was a big clue. So we used Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) and other techniques to neutralize any interference in her subconscious that was recreating the physiology of blindness in the left eye and other symptoms.

During the second visit she told me that she had had some double vision since the last visit and that it was very disorienting. I was ecstatic because this meant her vision was returning!

Part of what needed to happen was that she needed to forgive herself for not being able, at three years of age, to tell the adults what she knew was true - that it was not her body that was failing her but her mind that was shutting off her vision. The innate intelligence that she connected with as a child was not recognized by the adults in her life. Forgiveness for herself and the adults was a crucial part of her healing.

At another visit I intuited that in fact her vision was going to return the same way it had gone away. Sophia would begin seeing shadows and double vision and also probably some headaches. These headaches were not a bad sign but rather an indicator that the brain was rewiring how she was going to see fully again! Sophia came in today having enjoyed a 3D movie last night! She saw everything and perfectly!

She has flexibility in her neck and she is happier than ever. Her relationships are meaningful again and she is filled with love and forgiveness. Her pain is non-existent and she sleeps sometimes 12 hours at a whack! (she's catching up!).

This is no joke. It's real. Sophia wanted me to use her real name because she wants to help others heal too.How do you get healing like this in your life? Be open. Be brave (which means being afraid and doing it anyway). Allow it to come from wherever and leave your ego behind. Receive.

In practice for over 20 years, Dr. English uses massage, holistic chiropractic care and nutrition to help people realize the power they have within and create a world where healing is always possible.

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