Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Holistic Perspective of Arthritis

What causes arthritis? A holistic perspective.
The word arthritis is the combination of arthro- meaning joint and –itis meaning inflammation, hence inflammation of the joint.

So what is the cause of inflammation? Think of it as too much heat.
The inflammatory process can begin in any number of ways. Too much protein in the diet that goes undigested can cause the body to overwork and create a histamine reaction, what most people think of as allergic reaction. The body may not
have the enzymes to break down protein and therefore it becomes an antagonist to the body’s normal processes.
In Eastern healing paradigms too much heat means there is also somewhere in the body that has not enough heat. The body is always striving for balance. If there is too much energy in one place there will be not enough energy elsewhere.

But let’s look at the CAUSE.
So far I’ve mentioned only physical symptoms and reactions. We are more than physical. We are spiritual beings. We experience energy in many forms, electrical, magnetic, chemical, emotional and spiritual. Try this on and see if it has any meaning for you:

Everything happens in spirit first and then manifests physically.

When we look at our physical afflictions from that perspective we must address what is happening spiritually in our lives to create the health and vitality we seek. Our thinking creates what we experience in our life.
If you are criticized or criticize others think of how that feels in the body. Constraints on our actions and thinking will help us avoid the criticism. So we are not feeling free and able to move without thinking of the criticism. Imagine this happening over a long period time. The constant criticism we have in our daily thoughts, when we look in the mirror, when we see any media with “conventionally” beautiful women or men. In fact we can be bombarded by criticism from ourselves and others. Now we want to move but over the last 40-50 years we have learned to criticize subconsciously so even though we don’t actively think the thoughts the pattern is established and the reaction is unconscious. We criticize.

The Joints move our bodies. Joints help us be free in the world and to move in it easily and effortlessly. But if the subconscious criticism continues the constraints can become physical. Pain and stiffness result.

We must be in forgiveness to ourselves for allowing those subconscious patterns to affect us negatively in order to be free of the subconscious criticism, fear of being unloved and resentment toward ourselves and others who did not protect us from this.

So I urge you, in your affliction, to repeat this affirmation.

“I am love. I now choose to love and approve of myself. I see others with love.” Repeat it with “I”, “You”, “Lots of people” and “your name”. This helps it to go into the subconscious. Without argument from your “educated” mind - the one the criticizes.
Release your attachment to your old thoughts.

Let go of preconceived notions.
Allow yourself a new way of thinking about yourself and others.
Feel the lightness that comes from freedom from criticism.

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