Saturday, October 3, 2009

Discovering Talents

Ed and I recently received a note from one of Sam's teachers exclaiming his brilliant writing on a memoir about fear. He really captured the feeling well. It was a big surprise because this was his struggle for the last two years.
Writing was the most frustrating thing he could possibly have to do in school. His handwriting was almost illegible. He didn't follow punctuation rules and the most debilitating part was he could get hardly a word on paper during class.
We became concerned that he would not be able to express himself in written form when needed. He went for testing and came up with no real definitive problems but a little bit of this and that.

So you can imagine that when Ed called to tell me the news that he had an email from a teacher, oh brother, what now, was my reaction. When he read the email aloud to me I was blown away. My son had become a great writer! His story of fear had tension and changing of perspective. It was "writerly". So a transformation had taken place. Sam's is in ownership of his talent.

What talents do you have yet to discover? How about talents as a community? Did you hear about the families that adopted Liberian orphans? The whole community let their hearts open to orphans of war and are now being blessed over and over for their willingness to allow others in. It started out as one woman listening to a boys choir and it changed a whole community in two countries!

When we allow ourselves to grow into our passions we can discover amazing talents we never knew we had. Here's to discovery!!

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